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Industry at a Glance:

India is the second largest producer and manufacturer of two-wheelers in the world. Indian 2 wheeler industry has got spectacular growth in the last few years

Second largest 2 wheeler market in the world.

Huge Population 128 Mio two wheeler Population.

India depends on service sector heavily around 69% of its GDP And till 2020, this rate is expected to go up by > 80%! It is also a significant employment generator. Service sector encompasses a variety like healthcare, financial services, Automobile industry and banking have been growing at 28% over the last 5 years, which is remarkably higher than the GDP growth of 7%.

Prospects over the next few years are robust and industry confidence is high.

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Why franchising with Serviceforce?

Founded in 2011, SERVICEFORCE is experiencing tremendous growth in every aspect. The company is involved in providing luxury services for 2 wheeler users. Today, automobile industry is also growing very fast. The need of a quality after sale service is increasing. Through our unique selling propositions like on road emergency support, pick-up and drop facility and insurance assistance give a huge comfort to the customers. We have en-cashed the scarcity of time by providing the services that save the time, and removes the inconvenience of the two wheeler users.