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Franchise Support

  • Marketing Manual / Kit

    Effective Marketing is a backbone of any business enterprise be it trading, manufacturing, retailing or a service based industry. If Sony, Bajaj, Vodafone, Tata or MacDonald’s has become a household name today, the credit goes to their innovative marketing approaches and skill. We at Serviceforce after 4 years of practical experience and research backed by a strong team of successful entrepreneurs have designed very effective and practically executable and customized marketing tools which attract prospects faster to accept our services confidently killing competitions if any. We have separate marketing/business plan for domestic customers and separate marketing/business plan for corporate.

  • Operation Kit

    Once you have the orders, you need to execute them professionally. We at Serviceforce have designed a customized operation manual for your technicians’ day to day use taking care, right from the word go till complete execution of the job mentioning in details about the do’s and don’ts, safety instructions and ways to maintain international standards while servicing of 2 wheelers. Mind it, only professional execution of the operation will lead to repeat orders and wide mouth publicity and hence due care and concern is to be put in it.

  • Cross Referrals Program

    Taking advantage of our future networking program, you have the benefit of getting cross-references from other franchisee/franchisor for getting orders in your territory without much effort in specific cases.

  • Execution of Large Orders

    Owing to our in-house strength of having trained technicians/executers, we are in a position to servicing large number of 2 wheelers in corporate deals. The franchisee gets the natural advantage of availing our services in specific cases on mutually agreed revenue sharing basis. Branding and Promotions: We intend to do mass branding exercise for Serviceforce pan India in future through electronic and print media and the franchisee gets it advantage freely in his area. We have developed many innovative ways to promote SERVICEFORCE through different means with an objective of standing out in the crowd as well as creating awareness for our Mobile Workshop service as a necessity, which will be shared with the Franchisee.

Complete Business Format Franchise

Serviceforce offers a complete business format franchise in mechanized servicing of 2 wheelers through multi-step servicing process designed after years of practical experience and research. 2 Wheeler is the basic need of every human being therefore the concept of 2 wheeler services offers a perpetual potential and gives golden opportunity to continuously grow. Our unique franchise concept provides aspiring entrepreneurs with complete know how to build and operate a successful Franchisee. We not only hand-hold our budding franchisee but we remain involved in their day to day operations to ensure that they continue to grow. In short, we take full responsibility of their business development and growth by providing 24x7x365 support.

Serviceforce offers its franchisees:

  • The goodwill of the 'Serviceforce' brand

  • A proven, well researched Marketing Plan and support.

  • Content for operations of 2 Wheelers Service process.

  • Training for the marketing and the technical staff.

  • Continuous research and development.

  • Other support as mentioned in our Serviceforce support activity planner