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Industry at Glance

Industry at Glance

India is the second largest producer and manufacturer of 2 wheelers in the world. Indian 2 wheeler industry has grown spectacularly in the last few years.

Huge Population of 128 Million.

India depends on service sector heavily for boosting its GDP, which is around 69% of the total GDP. Till 2020, this rate is expected to go up by >80%! It is also a significant employment generator. Service sector encompasses a variety of industries like healthcare, financial services, Automobile industry and banking, which has growing at 28% over the last 5 years. This is remarkably higher than the GDP growth of 7%

Prospects over the next few years are robust and industry confidence is high.


  • Huge Potential for organised multi brand 2 wheeler service centres

  • Two wheeler owners are looking for an alternate to OE service workshops

  • Only company that deals in multi-brand after market integrated service initiative for 2 wheelers!

  • Everyone is facing acute scarcity of time, they need single multi brand/workshop with pick up and drop facility at your doorsteps at convenient time and also helping seniors on-road at the time of breakdowns.

  • Inadequate public transportation system, especially in the semi-urban and rural areas

  • Increased availability of affordable consumer financing

  • India, a nation where one can get pizza in just 30 minutes by dialing a call number; but what happens if one’s 2 wheeler encounters trouble on road? We aim to be the trouble shooters

  • Parking shortages for four wheelers, which spurs the purchase of 2 wheeler.

  • Difference between 2 wheeler and passenger car prices, which makes two-wheelers the entry level vehicle

  • Steady increase in per capita income over the past five years

  • Increasing number of models with different features to satisfy diverse consumer needs (Enfield, Bullet, Honda, Activa etc.)

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