In the bike, you can charge any USB-powered unit.

Smartphones use electricity at the same rate as they operate, which can be a serious problem on the road where there is no charging station. As a result, your battery needs constant charging, and a bike charger for smartphones will keep your smartphones charged while you ride your bike.

Serviceforce bike chargers are usually slim, lightweight, and durable, with the following features:

To charge your computer, you'll need to plug it into a USB socket.

  • Capacity to charge quickly
  • Small enough to transport on a bicycle
  • iPhone, iPod, Android, and other smart phones are all compatible.


USB port to charge gadget.
Ability to charge very fast
Small enough to fit in the Bike
Compatible with iPhone, iPod, android and other smart phones.

Safety Features

Over Heating Protection.
Over charge Protection.
Short circuit Protection.
Two Screw Provide For Fitting
Over Voltage Protection.