Enhance your Two-Wheeler’s existence and Performance.

Serviceforce 4T 20W-40 motorcycle oil is formulated for on-road, high-performance motorcycles and automobiles. It may also be used in other forms of on- and off-road motorcycles and cars that need 20W-40 engine oil. The Serviceforce motorcycle oil formulations have a synthetic structure that provides benefits over standard motorcycle oils with comparable viscosities. The Serviceforce 4T has been thoroughly tested in the lab and on the road to ensure maximum horsepower and acceleration.

This absolute synthetic motorcycle oil enhances the performance of motorcycle engines that are either:

  • Designed with a popular lubrication device for the engine and transmission.
  • The engine lubrication system is divided from the transmission system in this design.


  • Stability

    In high-performance engines and transmissions, excellent shear stability can help withstand viscosity shear down.

  • Lubrication

    Designed so that the engine lubrication system is separate from the transmission system.

  • Common Engines

    Designed with a Common Engine/ Transmission Lubrication System.


    Exceptional thermal stability can help resist oxidation and high temperature degradation.


    Engine and transmission components are well protected from wear and tear.

  • Maintenance

    Over the life of the engine, improved lubrication will help sustain optimum power and acceleration.

  • Vehicle Optimism

    Optimized wet-clutch performance.


    Excellent low-temperature flow characteristics can help minimize engine wear during start-up.