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Engine oil plays an important role in ensuring smooth operation and maintenance of the bike and maintaining a correct engine oil level is important.

Make sure the oil is in sufficient quantity. You can check the quantity of oil with a dipstick or inspection window.

Running the bike on dirty oil will not only increase fuel consumption but also reduce the life of the engine.



Check the water level every other week. Use the minimum and maximum markers inside the cells as guides. The electrolyte cells of regular motorcycle batteries should be topped up with distilled water and not tap water. Distilled water has no impurities so batteries are not stressed and therefore last longer.

The terminals should be cleaned to prevent corrosion which can cause problems starting the bike. Cleaning regularly prevents the buildup of dirt and sediments. The terminals can be cleaned with the help of a brush.

The terminals should be cleaned with a brush to prevent corrosion and accumulation of dirt and sediments.



Carry out a spark plug check from time to time to ensure that the engine is running fine and also to know prior about when to the spark plugs if necessary. Cleaning the spark plug of impurities like dirt and grime as well as cleaning the oil residual if any will go a long way in keeping the spark healthy and fine.

Carefully remove the spark plug cap.

Take a clean cloth and tidy up the area around the plug in order to correctly examine the spark plug condition.

Use a spark plug spanner to remove the spark plug and then check the condition of spark plugs. Oil deposits or black crust around the plug tip means the engine is burning at less than perfect condition.

To clean the plug, dip it in petrol or kerosene and then give it a clean wipe with a dry and dirt-free cloth.



Rather an archaic system, drum brakes are still in use on a lot of motorcycles sold in the country. Drum brakes require frequent attention and are a bit cumbersome to work with. Most drum brakes constitute of a twin leading shoe setup wherein there are two cams on each end of the brake shoe that push both ends onto the brake drum in order to create friction and bring the spinning wheel to a halt.

Usually you will require regularly changing of the brake liners on the brake shoe to ensure you have proper braking power from the drum brakes at all times.



The final drive chain is one of the most critical parts on a motorcycle and it endures a lot of stress and to make it worse, it is left out in the open to face dust, grime, muck and whatever the road throws at it. So even though it is one tough nut to crack, the chain has a certain life span and it needs tender love and care at regular intervals to keep it healthy and to improve its life span. A well-maintained chain also guarantees a healthy set of sprockets which again require regular replacement depending upon the kind of use they undergo.

A badly maintained chain will rapidly eat through a set of sprockets requiring you to change the entire chain sprocket set frequently. There are some simple and efficient methods to keep the chain working fine as well as to make sure that it lasts longer and that it does not wear out the sprockets in lesser period of time than usual. Just stick to the following steps and try to squeeze a few minutes once every week to attend to the chain and it will go a long way in keeping your lovely ride working fine.



Running on Indian roads, our motorcycles face immense amount of dirt, dust and grime all the time and it in impending to get the bike regularly checked and serviced to keep the parts from getting damaged and spoilt with all the abuse they are put through on regular basis. But get the vehicle serviced for minor care on a weekly basis is not only impractical but also heavy on the wallet. But there are a few basic DIY techniques which insure that the motorcycle runs fine under daily use. One of the most often complaint we get is clogged air-filter on motorcycles.

As the name suggests, an air-filters job is too feed the engine with clean air. Which means the air-filter will get clogged with dust and dirt and it will require cleaning at regular intervals. Cleaning the air-filter is a very simple yet effective treatment to ensure that the engine breathes freely at all times. It is an easy task and takes very little effort or time. Dedicate a small part of your Sunday on checking and cleaning the airfilter if required and it will go a long way in keeping your motorcycle healthy.



Regular servicing and tune-ups will keep the engine running like clockwork and reduce your petrol bills.

Clean the 2 wheeler body surface regularly to maintain the surface finish.

Avoid exposing vehicle to direct sunlight, try parking your bike near some shade because it becomes dull if exposed to frequent sunlight.

Never shift your bike from fifth gear to first gear instantaneously because it damages the piston rings.

Ensure the chain is tightened.

Check all bulbs. Replace all fused ones.

Ensure that front fork (shockabsorber) is not leaking. If it is,replace oil seals.